Meet some of Chaldon's residents - Tootsie, Taxi, Sparkle, Sunrise, Crusoe, Chuckles & Cloud, Fagin.

Here you can help the running of the Sanctuary by sponsoring someone who lives here. You can choose a pet for yourself or as a gift for someone else. For £20, you will receive a letter about the pet, their photo, sponsorship certificate and the three newsletters for that year - plus the knowledge that you are helping keep someone safe and fed and cared for here at the Sanctuary. Thank you.

After choosing who you'd like to sponsor, under each photo is an individual Paypal button ( who take fees ) or pop a cheque in the post with a note of your choosen pet. If you need any further information or help, drop me an e-mail -  chaldonanimalsanctuary@gmail.com

Tootsie was a scared stray, thrown out when pregnant.


Taxi is typical of her breed, fast, fun, highly strung and obsessive.


Sparkle was found collapsed and terrified on Bonfire Night,and still avoids visitors.     

Crusoe doesn't cope with expectations put on him, and is terrified of men.


Chuckles & Cloud are the current rescue hen ladies.


Sunrise was nearly put down due to veterinary expenses.



Fagin was a street stray and his temperament is unpredictable.

                                   With grateful thanks, Liz