£ for a pooch or puss

Please don't think "it's not much" because it is perfectly true when we say that it all adds up and every penny helps.

Your £1- will buy enough food to feed a cat for 2 meals or biscuits for a dog for 7 days, so you can see that it is worth it. If just 4 other people do the same and send a pound, we then have a fiver which will buy lots of meals or toys or worming etc for our furry friends.

If you have a spare pound ( or two ) and want to make a small donation, you CAN make a difference,

please use the Paypal button or send a cheque, thank you.

Cheque payable to Chaldon Animal Sanctuary, posted to The Chalet, Birchwood Lane, Chaldon, CR3 5DQ

 Purrs & woofs thank you.

JASPER is a shy lad as he lived on the streets, but loves his food your pennies help buy.

WIZARD waiting to see if you send him something, hopeful lad ! 

pending cat

NIKKI is a cheeky girl, loving but naughty so a typical terrier !

I apologise as I am in the process of sorting the website out to be fully mobile friendly, so some pages are mobile coded - others you'll need to zoom and scroll or use a desktop computer.