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As always, you helped make Christmas a good time, a genuine thank you from the animals - and me. I’ve just walked round our field, picking up the dogs toys & bones they had new for Christmas. Some of the dogs love to carry something when we go out for our walks and others ( mostly the golden oldies ) like to sit and have a chew while we’re out, but when there are more toys outdoors than inside, I ‘sweep’ the field and take a pile back in to start all over again. It’s much easier to find the toys in winter, than during the summer in the long grass now there is no Trubshaw and the rest of the herd to graze it short - Albi does a good job but can’t manage it all.

Anyway the point of what I was going to say is "Thank You" for all the toys & treats that were bought with some of the Christmas donations. We ( animals & I ) were spoilt, by your generosity and I was touched by all the gorgeous cards and many thoughtful words too.

The lead up to Christmas had been incredibly chaotic - it always was a lot of work for two so without Jacky, I struggled a bit but come Christmas Day I was very lucky as Jennie, my sister visited and we had a lovely time. Then three days later my brother & sister came and we had a second Christmas - what joy. Added to that all the friendship from so many of you, plus the animals company as always - with thoughts of those gone as well as those new this last year, and I had a nice time. During January I tried to ease up and have some time to myself ( reading, jigsaws and a bit of tv ) - giving myself a chance to reflect on the last year as I headed towards the anniversary of Jacky’s death ( Feb ) and to get past ‘ this time last year’.

Vet bills for the Golden Oldies continue to be a large part of where your donations go and it’s great how we can continue to help oldies enjoy life with modern medications. Another large part of where donations go is to keep the animals food storage shed topped up / full and being able to pay for a double order of everything for Christmas / New Year with the ever present risk of being snowed in / unable to get to the wholesalers.

It snowed in January and started in the evening after the dogs and everybody were fed, the blinds were pulled down and we’d settled for the evening. Quietly & insidiously, the snow arrived and the first the dogs and I knew about it was when Chutney dog needed to go out to spend a penny. Harley lurcher was watching the snow and most unlike him - wanted to go out. He’s one of our Spanish dogs so snow was a bit of a shock the first time he encountered it, however, he’s now decided it’s fun.

Harley went out and danced and romped in the snow for a few minutes before heading back in to a bed by a radiator. Cristal, our other Spanish dog still does not like the snow - or cold, so she happily had her coat on for our walks the next few days.

When our ex-battery hens first saw snow, obviously they had no idea what it was and I’d had to stand guard over them as a couple came jumping out of the hen house and in true cartoon style, went ....


into deep snow so we had kept them safely shut in for a few days that winter !

This snow they remembered what snow is and when the hen house door was opened, they all 3, wisely stayed inside for the day. The next morning, I cleared a hen sized path so they could come out if they chose to, and yes, they happily came out and kept safely on their snow cleared pathways - sensible birds, who says they are bird brained !


Stating the obvious, as you will see, this is a short newsletter and printed at home by me again, but I am glad that you all liked the Christmas photo edition. My thanks to Jennie for helping me send this out ( before next Christmas arrives ! ). January is naturally a quieter time of year, where perhaps we all wish we could hibernate, and although there were no new arrivals after Christmas, those who arrived last year are settling in well.

Mumcat, who is now called Gigi as I kept calling her a Good Girl, not sure if I was trying to convince her - or me - as she is in fact, quite a difficult cat ! However, her kittens are finally homed ( thank you Animal Protection Trust ) and Gigi is continuing to make progress, in her own time and her own way !

Schui the little dog who came last year is well and truly happy, forgets his size ( a little chap ) and tries to rule the roost, and me - he’s very endearing. He continues to have noticeable lameness from his old injury but with the aid of painkillers, he certainly does not let it stop him enjoying life, and going for walks or into our field, remains his greatest joy - apart from having cuddles of course !

Rainbow cat after about a year of finding her feet here, decided to go and find her own home and is happily settled with a new family now.

Rosetta cat remains wary of visitors but is now much happier in herself as is Moses too, blossoming and growing long hair nicely !


As last year was ending, I finally decided vaguely what the rockery should look like, and with my thanks to Andrew who turned my vagueness into a beautiful rockery, and to Lyn & Maggie for painting the slate sign, there is now a not quite finished rockery in existence here - Jacky’s Patch, which makes me smile. ( photo in a later newsletter hopefully ).


I am still collecting used stamps so my thanks to those of you who send or have asked about them. Thankfully Rosemary has come forward to take on the sorting of stamps but I would still appreciate it please, if you are able to separate them between British and foreign stamps, thank you. Thank you to those of you who bought Christmas cards ( still available if you want to be early this year, £4 per pack of 10 cards / envelopes, plus variable postage) and for sending your orders in so promptly too. And the Chaldon Anniversary dvd finally was sent out in the New Year too ( also still available, £6 inc postage. )


I have realised what ... errrr...awkward" ... animals I choose to live with as a little human news is that it was me ( Liz ) that has been poorly this year. My balance & vision were affected but by the time you receive this, I’m hoping to be back to normal ( no rude comments please ! ) Life was difficult for a while and my apologies for being so behind in answering post ( which is still difficult for me to do, my thanks to those who say no acknowledgement needed.)

I’d also like to say a HUGE thank you to all my friends who helped the animals and me, particularly Andrew, Debbie & Chris. And there’ll be more news if there is any, in the next newsletter.


And now finally, the lounge door is open as the weather improves, not that it’s been a bad winter thankfully but as I write this, the sun is out and smiling - hopefully the daffodils will be following soon ( still with thoughts of Jacky, particularly at this time of year ).

Happy Easter



Saving one pets life won’t change the world...

but it will make a world of difference to that one pet.

March 2012.

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