Gallery 1

See some of Chaldon's residents, Jeeves, Tootsie, Pique, Sparkle, Sunrise, Nikki, Taxi, Maddie, Ruby, Crusoe, Twiggy and Wizard


Jeeves had run out of chances and is unpredictable, due to his background.


Due to be euthanised as needed expensive veterinary treatment. A delightful girl who enjoys her new lease of life.


Both girls were going to be put down when only young due to their typical breed temperaments - highly strung, obsessive and quick with their teeth !


Sparkle was found collapsed and terrified, very near death one bonfire night. Her physical health recovered but she remains scared of visitors.


A stray who was dumped when pregnant, gave birth in a garden and came into rescue with her kittens that she didn't want, who needed handrearing.


Wizard had at least four homes before arriving here in a hurry to save his life after he made a mistake.


Maddie is a lovely girl who was unsettled sharing her previous home with children.


Crusoe is another nervous lad who got into trouble with his behaviour, particularly towards men.


Another gorgeous girl who was taken to the vet to be put down due to her needing ongoing veterinary treatment.


Went through several foster homes before I was asked if I could help, as her behaviour doesn't fit into a normal home.


Nearly lost her life as very stressed and aggressive, but now loves a tummy tickle though still reluctant to be held.

“Since we humans have the better brain, isn’t it our responsibility to protect our fellow creatures from, oddly enough, ourselves?” Joy Adamson

                             With grateful thanks, Liz

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