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December 2006

Hello Friends,

We don’t know how but another year has passed so very quickly and Christmas is almost upon us. The days, weeks and months seem to speed by

 at an alarming rate so that we lose track of the time. In the last 12 months we have lost some of our old friends but new ones have arrived to

 ease the pain of losing the familiar faces that make up our daily lives.



 A few weeks ago one of our sheep Molly collapsed in her house and died of old age. Trubshaw, Chance and the other sheep took no notice when we

left her there overnight, but the next day when her body was taken away Trubshaw let out a most deep and plaintiff moo as if he was saying good

bye to his old friend. We don’t tend to think of the outside animals missing one another so strongly but it was obvious that they were well

aware of what had happened.

We have a number of old dogs who still enjoy a little potter but can’t  manage being on the go walking for long, so now they - and us, enjoy a

 little walk and then we can sit in a shelter we now have in the field, with a bench seat in it. So while the youngsters charge around, we sit

and watch the world go by, or more precisely, watch our herd Trubshaw and friends, or the birds flying over and  listen to them chirping and

the breeze in the trees ... lovely.

 The October day this was written was a warm dry one, very cloudy - the sky was white but there was no doubt that summer has gone. While it

looks at first glance to still be green, a closer look showed a lot of leaves already brown and gold, with many of them fallen in the strong

winds. There had been some torrential downpours so we were back to lots of muddy paw prints everywhere and although it was a drought during the

summer, we fear Mother Nature will have the last word and make it a long, wet winter.

 One day it was raining so hard that although our dogs wanted their walk because it was “walkies time”, once we got out in it, they all headed

for the shelter and only wanted to stay out 5 minutes.

Who says we’re in charge !!!

We asked for help and you responded - magnificently. Each day as we opened the post, we were touched by everyones caring, amazed at the

staggering response and astounded at the generosity from all of you. We know how much you have continued to support us and our animal family

over the years and yet when we asked for even more help for Chico....goodness gracious - did you ever rise to the challenge and come up trumps !!!!

Although many of you commented on our dedication and love at taking Chico on, we’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating - without you,

we wouldn’t be here doing what we do, and we don’t take your support lightly.

The £3000 we initially asked for was raised in two weeks, however Chico was still with the specialists receiving further treatment and his bill was continuing to rise all the time.We are horrified that one puss can cost so much to be honest, but delighted that we....all of us, have been able to save Chico, to hopefully share many years at the sanctuary.  Some of you said when you wrote "wish it could be more" or "sorry it’s not much" - without every single donation you would not all have raised such an astounding the end of his treatment the bill was a staggering £4,500 and you raised every single penny of that !!!!

When we last wrote to you, we had just taken Chico to the specialists and were expecting to collect him 2 or 3 days later, which was just as

you were receiving your newsletters. However it didn’t quite happen like that, as we just briefly mentioned.

The repairs to his fractured legs went well, but when Chico was hit by the car, it also severely grazed and removed skin on his broken back

leg, and this was now a cause for concern. It went infected from the grit and dirt from the road, then the injured skin died back leaving an

area the specialist felt needed a skin graft to heal it. So further surgery was done, requiring him to remain in hospital.

During this time, Chico’s fractures were doing well which meant that he was now able to stand and walk a little. He apparently was

coping and being a brave boy and loved attention from the nurses, although he understandably wasn’t happy about the bandage changes and

was having short anaesthetics for those every other day.

Finally, after 3 weeks and 2 days, we went and collected him to start his new life with us, just in time for his first birthday a couple of

days later ( yes, he had presents and a special tea ). We were able to take Chico to our vet to continue his treatment. and we thank Ian for

taking over his care.

After 10 days, Chico had to go back to the specialists while they anaesthetised him, took x-rays and removed the pins which had moved and

were starting to come through the skin. Fortunately they did this while we waited, as finding time and doing the journey wasn’t easy for us, as

the  travelling took 3 hours or more each time we went.At last the bandage was left off, but it meant having a Buster collar

back on as Chico couldn’t be allowed to lick the skin graft, which was doing well but far too risky to let his rough tongue on it. Finally for

the first time since the accident he was free of bandages or the collar. He still wasn’t allowed to move around too much because the pins were

no longer there to stabilise the break. He moved into our kitchen and here he could start integrating into our family more, although he was

still in a pen but allowed supervised walks indoors.

The next x-ray  (at our vets a few weeks later) showed the back leg looking very good and the front leg doing well although still healing

but he could start to do more at last. Most days he went out into the small part of the Lewis enclosure (not all of it as he could fall off

branches or shelves ), but he could move around more, meet Lewis and Hector as well as watch the goats nearby. The fur had completely

re-grown over the skin graft area but the graft came from his body and therefore the fur is much longer than the fur on a normal paw and has

earned him the  nickname of Yeti... big hairy foot !!

And the very latest news is that Chico is now bouncing around the whole pen, up onto the shelves and branches. He was quite cautious to

start with and  gradually his legs strengthened as he explored each day. Soon he will be able to have his full freedom to completely join in

with the family and enjoy the delights....and safety of living in the country. His previous owners have visited and are  delighted to see him

looking so well. They contributed to his fundraising but would not have been able to find the full cost so they add their thanks to you all.

It has been a very long journey for all of us but such a worthwhile one for this lovely little cat and Chico sends his love and purrs, for

giving him his life.

Our thanks to all of you who send used postage stamps - another £60 has been raised to swell the funds. Could we just say though, that with

the new postage charges, a number of your envelopes don’t have enough stamps on them and a surcharge is then asked for. Perhaps you could make

sure at your Post Office that there is enough postage. We don’t understand it, what seems obvious to us is an envelope, can now be

classified as a packet which needs more stamps. Sorry but thanks.

 We were pleased that the notelets we did were popular and hope they were all correct as we were  surprised by the demand, and it was at the

same time as our Chico appeal, so the post was somewhat chaotic here.


 Earlier in the year we told you about three dogs who came to us last Christmas, they were all taken to the vet to be put down because they

had supposedly bitten. All 3 had fur covering their eyes so they couldn’t see properly and it was apparent that they had all been hit and

 not really loved. If you could see the difference in them now, it would make your heart sing.

Fiddler the youngest was supposed to be evil, as he was still a puppy we found that rather odd and impossible to understand. He arrived very dejected with no signs of only being 7 months old. Now he is a confident little chap, a yorkie x who knows he’s cute !! He is making up for his missed puppyhood and has several friends who rough and tumble with him, which he loves.

Jess a golden cocker spaniel wasn’t at all like her breed, a merry little girl. She sat and frowned and remained in her own little world, not even a tasty titbit would get much response. Now she’s full of herself, racing around our field or woods at top speed, chasing a bird or

squirrel. If you offer any sort of titbit now, you get the full cocker body wiggle and excitement that a cocker usually gives.

The third arrival was Chips a black and tan yorkie x, he was very suspicious of anything going on but always needed to be in the middle of

 anything. He slowly learned that he could sit back and watch and that not every occurrence needed his presence.

 Eleven months have passed and all 3 dogs are now part of the family, they have lost the strained look on their faces and now smile, look cute

 and wag their tails like any of the others.

Now, what bigger reward is there than that !!!


Just for fun, we thought you’d like a little quiz for Christmas. Answers at the bottom, if you need them !!!!!! There’s no prize so just give

yourself a pat on the back.

1) What fluffy dog was originally a country dog and very good swimmer?

2) Which cat originated from what is now called Iran?

3) What breed of dog can be black, yellow or chocolate?

4) St.Bernards are reputed to rescue people in which country?

5) What is known as a witches familiar?

6) Which cat accompanied Dick Whittington to London?

7) The name of Dick Turpins horse?

8) The Pied Piper charmed what out of the city of Hamblin?

9) Which bear came from Peru?

10) Who started the biggest dog show in the world?

11) What is different about the Cornish or Devon Rex cats?

12)What do you measure the height of horses in?

And a really hard one,  who is the most famous reindeer?

Our thanks to all of you for your support, good wishes and caring for our family. No matter in what way you help us, it is so appreciated.

The time has come to say goodbye for now  and so we wish you all

Merry Christmas And A Peaceful New Year.


from Jacky & Liz


Trubshaw chewing the cud wondering what Santa will bring him.



1) Poodle. 2) Persian. 3) Labrador. 4) Switzerland. 5) Black cat.

6) Puss in Boots. 7) Black Bess. 8) Rats. 9) Paddington Bear.

10) Charles Cruft. 11) They have a curly coat. 12) Hands. And finally Rudolph.


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