The Chaldon Leaflet is a chance for our Supporters to help spread the word about the Sanctuary.

If you can, please print copies and help by distributing these so that we can let more people know about us.

Leaflet can be downloaded and printed  (see link below)

Printing hints for A4 Leaflet

If you have a double sided printer, we suggest you don't use that facility as when we did test pages, the second page came out upside down,

so you may just wish to feed the 2 sides through singly.

To fold, place with the inside facing up and fold in the right hand edge first, to the pale line going down, then fold in the left hand side.... simple.

If you are unable to print them, please e-mail me ( ) and I will happily pop some in the post to you, thank you.

Chaldon Animal Sanctuary

Chaldon Leaflet and Chaldon’s Newsletters’ Booklet

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About Us

(Click HERE if you need a safe download of the latest Adobe Reader)

There is now a PDF Booklet collection of all our newsletters 1992 - 2007 which has lots of tales of life here.

Enjoy reading over 200 pages and share in the joys and sadness, the up and downs of our years with our furry and feathered family. See what a difference you, the Sanctuary supporters have made to so many lives.

It took a lot of time and work to put the Booklet together. If you would like to show your appreciation, and help us continue in our work

by making a donation, Please use the Paypal button below ( or see the donate page for other ways to help or donate ), thank you.

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Click here to download Chaldon’s Newsletters’ Booklet

The Newsletters’ Booklet is in a nice and easy PDF Adobe document. May take a few moments to open.

Chaldon’s Newsletters’ Booklet

Click paw to download a Chaldon Leaflet