Saving one pets life won't change the world - but it will make a world of difference to that one pet

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy finding out more about Chaldon Animal Sanctuary

 What does Chaldon Animal Sanctuary do?

It is a home for life, a permanent sanctuary for cats and dogs with behavioural problems. Life-long care is provided for animals abused, mistreated, rescued from cruelty or pets due to be put down who have run out of other chances. It is not a re-homing centre. The Sanctuary is run from home and has approx 3 acres of land for the animals.

Chaldon Animal Sanctuary is non profit, non breeding and has a non euthanasia policy. It is a privately run independent good cause. As the Sanctuary is run from a private home, if you wish to visit, which you are welcome to do, but by appointment only please ( in case I'm at the vets, wholesalers etc ). 

Due to insurance and regulations, we can not accept volunteers, nor assist with D of E, work placements or job requests.

When and how did it all begin?

Jacky Miles ( sadly deceased 2011 ) & myself, Liz Underwood are the founders of Chaldon Animal Sanctuary in 1991.Jacky was a fosterer and I was a vet nurse and we joined forces through our friendship in 1981. For the next 10 years, we worked on re-homing over 200 dogs & cats that came our way, although even at that early stage, the most traumatised or troublesome pets would stay with us for life.For more of a potted history, please read our April 2011 newsletter on how it all began.

How did it grow?

When we moved to Chaldon in 1991, we had the space to concentrate our efforts in one direction and this progressed into us taking in the worst cases. With our joint experience it was a logical step to focus on those troubled pets that are not suitable for re-homing due to age, behavioural problems or with unpredictable temperament through previous hardships they have suffered. They stay here where they feel safe, loved, happy and are respected.


There are many very good rehabilitation and re-homing places but we filled a gap for those that were often refused space in kennels or catteries dues to the difficulties with their temperament or behaviour. We are approached by friends, word of mouth, other rescue groups and our Veterinary Surgery have all asked us to take pets that have been labelled un-homeable.

Just cats & dogs?

When we moved to Chaldon and had the space to expand, we had outside animals too, also saved from slaughter, being abandoned or abused. For the next 18 years we enjoyed having goats, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and a couple of cows...you get the idea !! These we stopped taking in when Jacky’s health deteriorated and now they have died of old age.

The cats and dogs live life the same as your dog or cat - indoors, not in kennels or catteries, there is no point having a family and then shutting them outside. There is also a cat pen attached to the bungalow, that has those cats that for various reasons, are not free range.The dogs have two walks a day with me, in our field and woods plus plenty of pottering on our land. Our cats use the cat flaps to go in and out as and when they chose to. The bungalow is full of cat & dog beds, they have more furniture than humans ... that is as it should be as there are more of them than me!

Chaldon supporters can see where their donations go, where the money is spent and it's not on smart cars, fancy offices or holidays. Of course the upkeep of the bungalow, our home - the Sanctuary, is maintained but that is for all of us, human and furry as I live here with them all - 24/7.

There is no doubt whatsoever that without our supporters, Chaldon Animal Sanctuary would not have been able to continue. It is entirely due to each and every individual friend of the sanctuary that Jacky and I have been able to make a difference to so many pets lives over the years, turning sad faces into happy ones. From all of us, our thanks for your help.

Liz & Furries