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                                                                                     August 2018                                                      


My apologies for the late, short newsletter but it’s been a chaotic time lately, with me juggling too many balls, and getting the newsletter written was one of the balls I fumbled  !

At last I can report progress with the ongoing issue of the flooring, which has taken a huge amount of time, research and hard work. There will be a proper update in the Christmas newsletter but flooring work has begun which will be such a benefit to all of us when completed.

We had another amazing year at Caterham Carnival, which began with a wonderful surprise when Caterham Harestone Rotary sponsored our stall, many thanks.

More thanks also to all our helpers who worked so hard to make our stall such a success, as well as to those of you who kindly donated bric-a-brac items that enabled us to have lots of goodies and raise the brilliant total of £770.04  I know how much effort is put into the day and really am so grateful for such a great team, and the superb result to help keep everyone fed and happy, thank you all.

Via our Amazon Wish List we had two new tables donated that were very useful at the fete, so much so that I’ve cheekily added two more, preparing in advance for next year!  The online wish list continues to be a much appreciated surprise and help, when needed items and goodies arrive for the furries - thank you as always.

The cat run continues to be a great success and as Tarzan shows, the connecting tunnels are great snoozing spots on a nice day. Tarzan has finally realised that it is safe to be stroked, and on his terms of coming when he wants, he is positively pushy in head butting my hand for a fuss.          

                        Here Tarzan is sharing a bowl with Sunrise.  

What wasn’t expected, was that the outside of the cat pen roof would be used by our oldest feline resident George as a climbing frame !


After seeing him determinedly clambering across it, Andrew added scaffolding boards as his own personal high rise walkway to survey us lesser mortals - well, cats do know they are superior !

And here is Mayon on a cold winter’s day, showing how warm and cosy it is in the cat house. I wasn’t daft enough to accept her invitation of tickling her tummy though as I value my fingers too much ! She has calmed down a huge amount and comes running and happily asks to be stroked now, but can still easily tip over the edge into lashing out and I stop stroking her before that happens so it doesn’t slow her progress.


In the last newsletter I asked for names for our two new hens. Thank you to those who responded and I’m pleased to introduce - Chuckles and Cloud.

Chuckles was suggested by a couple of you and suits the brown girl who is the talkative chatterbox, and Cloud is beautifully descriptive of the grey girl.  


It is frightening how every year, without fail, there are still countless incidents of dogs being left “just for a few minutes” in cars in warm weather and sadly, many do not survive - when will the message get through to people !

I took Phoenix to the vets during that very long hot spell we had, and he’s a hairy German Shepherd who pants in the car even in winter, due to nerves. As you may remember, I changed car a couple of years ago to one with air conditioning for the pets, and after it was re-gassed this Spring we were ready to cope with the heat wave. However, I realised that anyone seeing Phoenix panting while I was driving, would think he was ‘cooking’ so I put a couple of notices in the windows saying “air con on, going to vets” and we had a lovely cool journey, so much so, I could have done with an extra layer of clothing to warm up.

The very hot weather was not appreciated and the cats disappeared into the cool woods for the day, and we extended the field fencing which means the dogs now have access to part of the woods that they’ve not had for ages, so into the shade of the woods we went too….Maple & Taxi lead the way.

After an early morning walk racing under and over trees in the woods, the dogs thankfully had a dip in their energy levels that corresponded with mine, so we all had quiet downtime during the heat of the days. The field has a water trough in it which the dogs enjoy but I also added a paddling pool and as you can see, it is was put to good use … an  energetic Heidi splashing in it with Taxi trying to catch the splashes.



I’ve mentioned before, the ‘kong kids’ Bingo and Radar dogs, and they were great friends and would race around the field together, taking it in turns to lead or chase. Sadly Bingo was diagnosed with liver failure last year and very slowly, lost condition and energy. I was worried how Radar who’d never had a friend before he came here, would cope when the inevitable happened and I said goodbye to Bingo. However, Bingo had for a few weeks, slowed down and become a slightly frail older boy, though as a terrier, he retained his ‘terrorism’ character ! The first day after losing Bingo, Radar was clearly puzzled and looking for his mate, but thankfully he quickly adjusted although has yet to pair up with a new friend. Bingo was with us for over eleven years, that he was nearly denied when taken to the vets at 7 months old to be put down for his terrier behaviour - Bingo you sort them out wherever you are now boy xx


Thank you to those who were able to respond to my button appeal, they were gratefully received by my friend who uses them to make button bouquets for fundraising. We received £100 from the sale of bouquets and used stamps ( still collecting stamps ) which is brilliant, thank you.

  She would also like to make steampunk bouquets which need cogs etc so if you have old watches ( not digital ones), wind up or alarm clocks that no longer work in the back of your drawers that you’d like to donate, please do consider sending them for her, thank you.


As you may be aware, privacy regulations have been changed recently which should help with various issues you may have seen in the news about companies selling or sharing peoples details. Therefore I would like to check that you are still happy to receive the newsletters from me ( Chaldon Animal Sanctuary ) and let you know that your details are kept safe, accessible only by me and never have been / nor will be, shared with anyone else.

If you no longer wish to receive these, just let me know ( post or e-mail ) and your details will be removed. If you are writing to me, it wouldn’t hurt to mention that you do still wish to be on the mailing list, thank you.

       From all residents, our thanks for your ongoing support, you make it all possible.

                                                              Liz & the furries