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  Spring 2020

I feel that continuing with the usual newsletter isn’t appropriate but at the same time, a note might be appreciated to keep in touch with our friends during these worrying times. I had started the newsletter a few weeks ago and included the information that we would not attend this years Caterham Carnival and probably not the August Chaldon Fete either, but things have changed and moved so quickly that they are now both cancelled naturally.

What hasn’t changed is my very sincere wish that all of you are keeping well and have the support you need to cope with the situation.

I know you’ll be wondering about the furry family here at the sanctuary and I’m pleased to say that we are fine at the moment. I always stock up pet food end of November while our suppliers have plenty of stock and the roads are quieter for delivery before the Christmas mayhem. This is partly due to having been nearly caught out in the New Year years ago when suppliers were waiting for stock to arrive, and also because January & February are when we are most likely to get snowed in ( so I have a good store cupboard of human essentials too  - can’t do with running out of chocolate and crisps ! )

Therefore as Covid 19 crept closer, I knew that we have enough for everyone for a good while which was one less worry. Before the lockdown there were unavoidable vet visits but taken with great caution, and gratitude to our wonderful vets for still being there for the animals.

There were going to be photos but as again, the situation has rapidly changed and we are now in lockdown, I have printed this at home and therefore it’s a basic black & white note. I look forward to returning to normal service and a bumper photo issue later this year.

As ever, you gave everyone here a wonderful Christmas - your cards, letters, donations and gifts for the pets ( and some for me) made lots of tails wag, cats purr and me smile so very much - thank you all.

Christmas was very quiet here and we all enjoy this time, but it was also because I lost my voice - just as well I use a lot of hand signals for the dogs. Never the less, Christmas and Boxing Day the pets had their gifts, new toys, bones and treats, and were happy to enjoy those while I recovered over the New Year.

Therefore my Christmas thanks were not kept up to date and I’m sure I’ve missed some which I really regret and offer my sincere apologies. Each and every contact from you all, was appreciated, and is the fabric that keeps the sanctuary and me going.

I look forward to being in touch with our summer newsletter, when hopefully everything has settled down.

Please look after yourselves, take care and have the best Spring you can in the circumstances.

Purrs, woofs and love from us all,

Liz & furries