Peter offered to become our patron Peter and we're thrilled to have him helping and supporting Chaldon Animal Sanctuary,

We had our stall of donated, pre-loved pet items at Quality Street Fair in Merstham in 2022, and it was a pleasure to catch up with our patron Peter Egan who came along to support us, and he spoke a few words - video and transcription below. 

Hi everyone, it's really great to be here today and it’s wonderful to see so many people, it's a fantastic village and I’m delighted  to be here. My main reason for being here apart from being a judge ( dog show ), is that I am a patron for the most wonderful animal sanctuary Chaldon Animal Sanctuary , who have a stall just down there. I really, really admire the work that Liz does - I’m her patron. She rescues dogs and gives them a home for life, and they are all very difficult dogs that would not be rehomed in other circumstances. I’ve taken many dogs to her and on one occasion as I found out - she's a bit of a dog whisperer in many ways. I saw how remarkable she was, when I took this very very frightened dog, that had eyes that were out on pins and within half an hour of Liz’s company, I saw this dog's eyes relax in the most remarkable way - it was really really touching and I thought - I want to be a patron for this sanctuary, for Liz, because this dog has now found the most wonderful home. If you'd like to know more about Liz and her work, do visit her stand for all the information, and also any donations you’d like to give, I’m sure she’d be very happy to receive.

Peter meeting some of the dog family, and a few words by Peter.

I’ve enjoyed many of Peter's acting performances on television ( Joint Account, Ever Decreasing Circles and Downtown Abbey to name a tiny few he’s been in ) though never seen any of his stage work. I was aware he is a very strong and active defender of animals rights, so when he approached me and offered his support - what a lovely surprise that I was delighted to accept.

Peter announced the news on his Facebook page, and this is what he wrote ( shared with his permission of course ).

I visited Liz at the www.chaldonanimalsanctuary.co.uk a few weeks ago. I'd heard lots about the terrific work they do for our voiceless friends who are deemed to be un-rehomeable. I wanted to see for myself what the sanctuary was like. I was amazed at the care and dedication shown to such a large and wide variety of friends, in their care, for life. It's a huge and wonderful commitment which Liz takes on with extraordinary care and understanding. I was so impressed by their work I've decided to become their Patron. I'm delighted to be a part of their work and I urge you to give them your support. They'll be delighted to have it and so will all their guests for life, and so will I. Cheers Peter (-:)

The first time Peter visited the sanctuary, he bought a dog with him ( as you do ! ) who wasn't coping with expectations in a normal household and had blotted his copybook by nipping a man so he now faced an uncertain future. Sadly Crusoe is a bad traveller so Peter's car was in a bit of a state by the time he arrived which would have bothered some people, but not a true animal lover like Peter who just felt sorry for the poor dog.Thankfully Crusoe has settled happily here and you can see him in the galleries and in our newsletters.

More from Peter

Hi everyone

What a terrible year this has been for everyone and here we are in 2021 still fighting this terrible virus.

All the charities I know have been hit badly by this pandemic and have suffered considerably by not being able to fundraise.

Which makes it all the more remarkable that Liz Chaldon's inspiring sanctuary has ridden the wave and her great work continues.

Liz would be the first to say that this would not be the case without the great support from her team and all of those who have supported and donated to her amazing work.

I am deeply proud to be patron for the Chaldon Animal Sanctuary and having seen Liz at work close up on many occasions..most recently this year with two dogs..that others had given up on because they were considered to be impossible to socialise..Liz took them on and within a matter of weeks these two boys had settled into their new home with their new friends..at peace with their surrounding in the care of Liz and her family of cats and dogs. Her patience and commitment is inspiring. I look forward to being a patron for this remarkable sanctuary for many years to come.

Peter Egan

I am thrilled to be in my 9th year as patron for the Chaldon Sanctuary. Liz and her team never cease to amaze me with the commitment and total care they give to all of the wonderful animals in their care. The attention to detail in relation to the individual needs of each animal, and there are many of them, never gets overlooked. I have seen seriously damaged dogs with intense behavioural problems blossom in the care given at the sanctuary. The Chaldon Sanctuary is what it says on the tin .... a Sanctuary in every sense of the word.

I'm hugely proud to be their Patron. Please give us your support. For the animals, for the team and you’ll make their Patron very happy. Thanks as ever. Peter (-:)

Peter visiting the Sanctuary and meeting some of the human team.

As many of you no doubt are aware, I tend to shrink from publicity, however, it is lovely to share these wonderful endorsements from Peter. But I do what I do because, as it was with Jacky and still is, it’s what, with your help, can be done to make a difference for a few of the many that need help. It’s been a pleasure to meet Peter who is a genuine animal lover and actually puts himself out to be involved with improving life for all animals, especially dogs and Moon Bears, and I’m thrilled to be able to call Peter a true friend of the Sanctuary.

Only if we understand, can we care, only if we care, will we help, only if we help, shall they be saved.” Jane Goodall