Next we have Granville passing a group shot, followed by Taxi in front of Maple,  and just as I almost had a nice shot of Taxi standing still - Phoenix went through.

Challenges with Cristal included the backwards ballerina pose followed by the eating mud face !

I gave up after the shot where Phoenix’s tail ( again ) and the grass got in the way !

Don’t think the cats get left out of the candid camera shots as there are still plenty of challenges and ‘oops’ moments as this selection shows. Of course the back view of “I don’t know you’re there” must be a cat speciality !

Even if I’m in front of them, four cats and  not one of them looking at the camera.

It’s not just dogs that walk through shots either - - -

Sunrise’s head and Gershwin’s tail in front of Sparkle sitting pretty.

Finally when she was closer and there were added daffodils as well, I tried again - just as Taxi went racing past !

Then I saw Zora who found a sapling to provide cover so I couldn’t get a decent mug shot !

There are no end ( pun intended ) of disappearing back ends  -  Polly to the right and Emily exit stage left.

I know you enjoy the Christmas Photo newsletter but I thought I’d share something a little different in the centre pages this year - the photo’s that don’t usually make the grade but have their own charm, photo bombing canine style !

It started with me wanting a pretty head shot of Emily - who pulled this face !

However this is not the entire job completed as they are going to have a second run built to the area on the right of the existing path which shows in the photo left. This will be left natural, ie: overgrown !  - which will help provide variety,  fresh grass, hidey holes and more space.

Overview  of progress so far, such a major improvement from what they had and the cats already love it.                  

Followed by Fiddler joining the fun and poking his tongue out at me !

Then Emily came too close so I chopped her nose off -  -

And she went too far away over the other side of the field.


Momma & Mickey find a pile of slabs warmed in the sun while Tups looks out the window..

These are before the interior decorating has been done but I’ve been busy gathering items, both from a friend who was moving as well as from free adverts, so it will be a paved area with fountain, shelves, logs, plant pots, tunnels  etc.

With some clever build engineering, we have been able to include the tree which has proved to be a great success - here the Spanish family are exploring the base, then Jasper goes up & later Flame is at the top.

                                                                                     - -  and lastly Maddie.  

                                 Here’s brothers Wilson & Mason watching me, watching them.

They are typical young lads who enjoy themselves finding mischief to get into !

                                                                                     Wilson has been on chemotherapy for nine

                                                                                     months now and is incredibly well, so much

                                                                                     better than a year ago when his health

                                                                                     started to cause concern. He only needs to

                                                                                     see his vet once a month for a short visit,

                                                                                     which Wilson accepts without a fuss. Then

                                                                                     back home again for some treats before

                                                                                     finding his brother to join in with whatever

                                                                                     fun & games he’s been up to.



Thanks to your ongoing donations and fundraising, the new cat run is now in use and as you can

see from the before photo ( below ), the cats used it but it was falling apart and needing

frequent patching up as it was so rotten.

The deliberate design of the new run is not just that it’s larger, but also was built on the outside of the existing space, which made life challenging at times for Andrew to do the work but meant the cats didn’t lose the run while the work was done, and in fact, they enjoyed supervising and commenting on what Andrew was doing. Then d day and an old panel was removed and they had access to explore as the following photos show.

        Mayon greets me as I go down the steps into the

            run while Jasper, Raisin, Katrina & Suza go

              for a look around.

We are, as always, pleased to receive used postage stamps to help fundraise - thank you all those who continue to send them to us. This year our storage shed was repaired ( from your donations ) and we have someone who will do car boot sales for us too, so we can now accept donated items all year round, not just for our two summer stalls. No clothes or large items though please.

There have been two new OAP’s arrive with almost identical stories, including their ‘sex change’ when they arrived here ! Both cats were being fed by kindly people but were strays and needed to leave the streets before the weather turned into winter and quite possibly, took their lives due to poor health.

First Miss Miniver ( Minnie ) became Mr. Mouse, a frail skinny elderly cat who needed vet treatment. He gave us quite a scare in the early days but as everything settles down, his health is much improved though he will be on treatment for life. Mouse is so pleased with his heated pad in a bed and loves a fuss, such a sweet deaf gentleman with a rusty old miaow and purr.

Then Ollie arrived but the temperament is the exact opposite as he is scared of people. Another skinny stray but being longhaired, a very matted one so a vet trip later for a haircut and health check under anaesthetic, found that he became Olivia. I hope in time that she will learn to trust ( unlike Tarzan the feral in the last newsletter who doesn’t intend to become tame ) but Olivia feels a lot more comfortable and is happy eating and sleeping in the warm.

Another arrival was a very confused cat who had been homed due to family changes but she was badly stressed and had reacted very aggressively. Mayon as I named her ( an active volcano ) is now much happier and calmer, enjoying the new cat pen and comes running for a fuss. The volcano still simmers but she no longer erupts !

Another new friend to join us is Maple a Golden Retriever who needed help due to her unpredictable behaviour. She had been sold as an assistance dog to help a young autistic boy but unfortunately there was a scam run from Ireland ( SDE ) that has since been featured ( not favourably ) on television in Rip Off Britain. This gentle but scared girl was not a trained support dog, causing stress both to her and the loving family she went to. Maple is particularly worried about men or when unsure of herself, but is gaining confidence and a waggy tail.

Enough chat for the moment, let’s get on with the photos. We have lovely tabby tummies on display here. Sparkle & Gershwin - - -


This year we were delighted to have good weather the day of the Chaldon Village Fete after the last two years had been a nightmare with heavy rain, which meant the stalls were indoors. Thank goodness for the organisation and work that enabled the Fetes to go ahead despite that, but we did enjoy being able to spread out when back outside this year as you can see in the photo. And of course, the better weather encourages people to come and support the Fete and it was a good year for fundraising for the local good causes, including ourselves.

Although I’m writing this on a blustery autumnal day, by the time I finish and get it printed and posted to you, it will be time to wish you all a

wonderful festive season. Happy Christmas to you all and this Photo Special is our gift to you for another years support of our furry friends that you keep safe here for life.

There are the usual mixture of photos of the family as well as an update on the progress of the cat run and the updated sponsorship scheme which I’ve had printed on a separate page so you don’t have to cut your newsletter up. Many of you have been with us for years and I know some of you keep them so must have quite a collection now. You’ll have seen a few changes too as the faces grow older and then new pets join us, as sadly there are always more needing help - you'll meet some of them in this newsletter.

                                     Think we have Santa Sunrise here, getting into the festive season by adding a white beard !

Before moving into winter though, a look back at Autumn activities & news since the last newsletter in summertime.

   Back to newsletters

  December  2016


Then there is camouflage - a tabby in the woods makes sense being hard to see - - -

- - -here comes Maddie

But a black & white Tess in green grass managed to hide though Sunrise & Gershwin spotted her.

The cats love Jacky’s Patch and I thought I’d take some nice shots of them among the flowers - here are some of the results !


Paw prints are something to be mopped clean of course but it all started with a simple shot I took early in the year as it shows the largest and smallest paw prints from the dogs Kismet & Chipchap in the snow. We all know our pets leave pawprints in our hearts but just for fun, I thought I’d take a few other shots of everywhere else they get indoors - floor of course, their beds, my jeans and even wet paint - don’t worry, it was water based and more quickly washed off the offending cat paw ( Tootsie ) than  the floor!

And where the mud mostly comes from - playtime in the field.

Then finally Popo came and posed, showing herself for this clear shot.

Finally we have bookends - -

 Zora & Crusoe

And some tail end shots to finish these different views.


We have a limited number of hanging heart decorations - as featured in Dog's Today December 2016, if you want something special to put in your home this Christmas, perhaps to remember a loved one no longer with you, pet or human but also by supporting Chaldon and giving heart, hope and courage to those who arrive here for a fresh start in their lives.

The fur is from Phoenix my German Shepherd and Pat, a crafty friend has made the resulting wonderful needle felted hearts with it and then embellished them with beads and decorative sewing on the front, with a material backing, filled with kapok plus a hanging thread. They vary in size ( approx 4” ) and colour so it’ll be a surprise which you get as every one is individually handmade. These are a Limited Edition and we have no idea how popular these will be so it’s first come, first served ( payment will be returned if we’ve run out ).

Price including postage is £10 per heart.

Click HERE  to shop.


I think everyone in our furry family is special but as I warned in the last newsletter, I have finally updated our sponsorship list where you can help the running of the Sanctuary by sponsoring someone who lives here. You can chose a pet for yourself or as a gift for someone else - the enclosed form has the option for you to fill in the relevant details.

We have a choice of 4 cats or 4 dogs for you to chose between and for £20, you will receive a letter about the pet, their photo, sponsorship certificate and the three newsletters for that year - plus the knowledge that you are helping keep someone safe and fed and cared for here at the Sanctuary. Thank you.

Click HERE to sponsor.


Mirror, mirror - who’s the prettiest of them all?

Sunrise giving us double beauty.



   pretty as


   of  her


With our heartfelt gratitude to you all for your continued support - thank you from them and me.   Liz and the furry family.

I’ve resisted this up to now but have been asked several times this year about it so for those with online access, we now have an Amazon Wish List should you chose to support us that way - search for Chaldon Animal Sanctuary in the wish lists. Some of the items are always used ( food etc ) while others are toys or general items ( disinfectant etc ). You can donate anonymously or not as you prefer and I thank you in advance for your help.