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  December 2017    

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As I look back on another year, I see so many changes here at the Sanctuary. Some are the residents of course - those no longer with us plus new arrivals, but also the physical work of the cat run and other ongoing repair work.

Many of you knew the Sanctuary when it was run by both Jacky & myself. I couldn’t see me continuing with it after her death but thankfully Jacky believed otherwise and emphatically told me so ( those of you who knew her in person will smile at that comment I suspect ! ) Now I can see that Jacky was absolutely right and the Sanctuary & I are still here nearly seven years later, thanks to you, our wonderful supporters who also believed it could continue.

You help in many various ways and to mention just a few - the kind donations of all sorts, from items to use such as towels & blankets, stationery and new stamps, to handmade cards and various goods to sell; also those of you who responded to my appeal for used buttons or continue to send used postage stamps which is still a useful source of extra pennies and pounds for something that would otherwise go in the recycling bin; as well as the obvious food and financial donations of course, perhaps setting up a standing order or sponsorships ( last Christmas renewals due please if you wish to continue ).

Once again the wonderful Caterham Harestone Rotary have generously supported this Christmas newsletter, with their donation covering all the printing and postage costs, and still some over towards the next Spring issue as well. Thank you for your generosity.

The newsletters have grown in design over the years with the arrival of computers and the help of friends - Janice who originally typed up Jacky & my handwritten notes and still does the address labels; Les who is a clever computer friend and these would not look half as good without her help and Sheenah who has taken on the task of stamping & stuffing envelopes - thank you all, you know it helps.

The Chaldon Village Fete was again a great success with good weather and lots of visitors supporting the event.  Our wonderful team of volunteers managed the bric-a-brac stall and my grateful thanks to them all, and to the Chaldon Fete Committee for having us and for the funds raised.

The Sanctuary is only possible with everyone’s support and you being part of the team - it’s not taken for granted and is more appreciated than you can imagine. Every tail wag, every purr from the residents, is because you’ve helped keep the Sanctuary running - thank you for making a difference.


 Thank you from the Kong boys Bingo & Radar to those who responded to my appeal in the last newsletter.

As you can see Polly, Fiddler, Maple, Taxi & Bingo enjoyed seeing what was in the box ( Radar had already taken one ).


Bingo showing off his new Kong  

Then impatient Maple didn’t wait for one to be taken out of the cardboard packing before she took off with one 

- while Fiddler took his up the field  

Crusoe proudly with the new fire hose toy that has survived the energetic play of the youngsters, and Polly checking the box is really empty.


Another parcel and Taxi wide eyed with a deranged look of glee as she saw the antler chews !

I’ve not taken photos of everything received - disinfectant, food and treats, bowls, toys and lots more but as you can see, we really enjoy receiving the extra goodies from the Amazon Wish List and thank you all so very much for your help.

P.S … the list has been updated if anyone wants to know - thank you in advance.


A few feline beauties, featuring Milly, Ruby, Sunrise, Tootsie, Sparkle, George, Tarzan, Mason & Sunrise, Jasper & Suza, with black Diamond looking her usual ‘happy’ self !




How about a game of I spy identify the dog - an easy one to start with ( answers at the bottom ).

Also in hiding and in good seasonal Panto fashion - “oh yes there is” a dog in the field !

Then we have some easier ones which perhaps don’t show their best sides !


So how did you do?

I’d expect a good response to Taxi’s ears in the first photo 

- but not so easy to find Maple in the long grass of the next one !   

Then we had roly-polys of Bingo, Zora & Nikki.


Cats hide at the best of times but we have lovely ‘flowers’ in our plant pots further down.


The second run of the cat pen is now built and in use, though not yet fully furnished. However as you can see, what a difference it has made, most importantly for the cats as well as to the general area ( before and after shots further down ). So now they have the paved part you’ve already seen, but this extra area more than doubles the space they have and is left to nature.

The felines supervised Andrew at work …     ...and as it grew, so did their curiosity …  

                     ...with advantage from a higher viewpoint !       

 Grand opening

First goes Mickey ...       

    And they all went exploring - tunnels ...


                             - walkways & ramps ...


                                             - stumps and trees …


                                                       - grass under their paws …


                                                               - and paving slab piles that will become paths.


Exploring the boundaries - from inside and out as Sunrise looks in, while Nikki  watches through the fences.


Some general before and after views.

Standing in the same place but what a change in front of us !


Facing the other way, then and now views joining the old and new.


Showing how much hard work it was just to clear the space, three stages of the same piece of ground.


In no particular order, the cats featuring in these photos are Mickey, Milly, Dennis, Suza, Jasper, Flame, Squire, Mayon, Momma & Raisin.

Thank you to everyone who donated or fundraised specifically for this project -

- you can see just what a huge difference you have made and the cats ( and me ) thank you so very much.


                                                        What do you mean Fiddler, how do I know it was you de-stuffing the toy ?  

It’s a cat hole in a wall but the dogs like to peek in to keep an eye on me, even two littlies fit together Nikki & Fiddler, but also separately.


Then Polly, Crusoe & Phoenix


 There is a Radar behind the kong !      And we know border collie Taxi sees the world from a different angle !  

And here’s a dog route with Zora, Maple, Crusoe, Emily & Kismet coming through.


Don’t think the dogs are going to be left out of new exciting areas because next Spring, Andrew is ng to build them a sensory garden. Jacky & I used to let the dogs create their own fun and games on our walks so the youngsters play with us or other dogs, while the oldies potter or sunbathe ( on the good weather days we sometimes have ! ) However, now we don’t have the need for grazing our herd ( Trubshaw, goats, sheep etc ) I think the dogs would enjoy an area that isn’t free access, which would make it more special when we go in. It will have plenty of alternative activities for young and old that we can share - agility games, scented areas and different surfaces etc.

This area will include a herb garden, separate to the one planned for the cat run. So if you wish to support either of these projects, garden centre or Amazon gift vouchers for shopping would be much appreciated, for plants plus other items needed that can’t be found on Freecycle.

I’ve had some wonderful Freecycle finds that can be re-purposed here, and also met some lovely people who have supported us, there are a lot of good people about. Fundraising for the indoor flooring ( no, of course it hasn’t happened in time for winter as I’d hoped ! ) has also started due to some generously donated items that went to auction, thank you.

Bamfords Auction House in Derby ( with James Lewis from tv’s Bargain Hunt, Flog It etc ) have been selling items on our behalf and very kindly forwarded the total sale prices which has been very much appreciated - thank you for your help.

Our vets and staff ( Kriek & Gibson, Banstead ) have provided their expertise and support through another busy year of vet visits and various health challenges, thank you as always.          


We have some interesting 'flowers' in various pots here - 'Sweet Pea' Sparkle, Mayon 'Ginger Mint' and Nikki 'Nepeta' getting involved in her own style, watched by Emily.


I’m working on this newsletter late September while I am baby sitting - no, of course not that sort ! - a four legged one who is recovering from being spayed. A few weeks ago a new dog arrived who had been a stray with an unknown history. She was one of the lucky ones who went into rescue kennels to be found a home, but due to her background and difficulties, she was not going to fit in a normal home - enter Chaldon. She is a lovely lurcher girl but does show her insecurities and fears that make her unpredictable, although she has been an absolute star with me and is currently in her favoured position of asleep on my feet. So welcome to our newest resident.

I’m wondering what or rather ‘who’ - my ‘secret santa surprise’ might be this year ! Last year a young dog arrived instead of a one way trip to the vets and is doing very well and such a happy lad. The previous Christmas I helped dear ChippieChap the yorkie who wasn’t coping after the death of his previous ‘mum’, and he’d been at the vets for treatment due to physical issues on top of his grieving. He came here for fostering and when friends sadly lost their yorkie, they met ChippieChap and everyone fell in love with each other and I look forward to him enjoying this Christmas in his new life with them.


I love this shot of Jasper taken when he went exploring the new cat run - it makes me think of the drawing by Rudyard Kipling of The Cat that Walked by Himself.


            Next we have Crusoe with a Superman impression !


I would like to wish you all the most enjoyable time of the year, with gratitude from all the furries that have you to thank, for being able to enjoy their lives in the security of the Sanctuary where they find safe harbour.


With our heartfelt gratitude to you all for your continued support.

         Thank you as always, from them and me. 

                Liz and the furry family.